A beautiful planet that once sat like an oasis of color in the ultimate blackness of space is now fading away with its dying sun.


After all the planet’s fossil fuels were exhausted, scientists found a way to utilize its water sources for energy. Within a few centuries all the oceans were drained, leaving the world dried up and out of balance.


In place of the oceans lay gigantic multiplex habitats known as Ridge Cities.


The Ridge Cities were connected to each other via magnetic highways.


When the oceans were first harnessed for fuel, the rich and elite landowners were able to sell their holdings and buy enough fuel to escape to the closest star outside the Milky Way.


Those left behind became landowners and small time con-men living lavishly for a few lifetimes.


Controlling the water and the land that produced it meant controlling the fuel supply and with it, the ONLY way OFF the Earth.


It wasn’t long before businessmen-turned-ruthless gangsters controlled all of the black markets on the planet.


Because of overcrowding on the new planets, socio-engineers determined in order to maximize the life-giving resources they would have to take only the best of the best from Earth and encapsulate those who were not worthy. Escape was outlawed.


The Earth was surrounded and fortified by scanning drones and battleships. Escape seemed fairly impossible.


The only way off the planet for the non-elite was through the black market.


Chemicals consumed most of those left on Earth. Their diet, their brains, the way they interact with the world.


 A merging of technology, science and alchemy.


Venturing out past the cities means a lack of breathable air. In certain areas a special suit and helmet is required in order to survive in the environment.


No one goes un-noticed by radars or electronic tracking systems within the confines of the ridgeways and cities.


In response to the tracking ,the black market and rebel resistance are forced to travel via the indigenous ‘banthu’ in the burning deserts between cities.


There had been tales of a chosen one prophesied to deliver the people from tyranny. The chosen one is a creature of the nightlife and the underbelly of society, yet he will seem more pure and innocent than those surrounding him.


Soon the chosen one will reveal to the people that the way off-planet isn’t outward, but inward.


It is prophesied that the center of the planet holds a metaphysical wormhole that will transport the remaining inhabitants to a land free from of tyranny on the other side of the known universe. A way out. A Utopian Star. THE ANARCHOSTAR.