1&2 – Silkie – Origins

Raised on-planet, Silkie grew up close to the heart of the people on the streets. At at young age he found a deep hidden connection with music that had been lost in the people for centuries. Leading a musical renaissance Silkie would broadcast his music to the people from a re-apropriated military pod. His pod was his home, his life, his love, and most importantly a platform of hope for the people left on the dying planet.


3 – Silkie – Acquisition

Soon those in charge started to take note and realized they had found something special in Silkie. They hatched a plan to acquire Silkie’s talents for use in the lush tropospheric clubs above the planet. Were they being sincere or was there something else at hand ?

4 – Silkie – Soul Machine

The clubs housed an archaic and religious form of technology that could shed a man of his old-soul and outfit him with a new one. The key to opening and operating these machines came from the power within Silkie’s music. As reward the people showered Silkie in gifts, and indoctrinated him into the upper echelon folds of society.

5 – Silkie – Evil

Slowly but surely the evil started to rear its ugly face. Silkie had begun his life close to the heart of the people, close to light. But now he was falling slowly into darkness. Can you perform for the goodness of a soul while losing your own ?

6 – Silkie – Escape

Upon the discovery of his true purpose with those in power, he fled.

7 – Silkie – Book Of Anarchostar

An ancient text passed down for centuries speaks of a chosen warrior who would use his gift of sound to help the resistance. It is prophesied the warrior’s sound would be a “key to cleanse the righteous in preparation to bring justice upon the 3 heads of evil.”

8 – Silkie – Joining The Resistance

With nowhere to go, and hunted from the government Silkie knew his only home was now with the resistance.

9 – Silkie – Using His Music For Good

Now wielding his power for good, Silkie would not only transform and enhance the troops of the Anarchostar rebellion, but would also open the portal for the first time. In secret, some of the bravest soldiers were sent ahead to explore what truth was beyond the portal, and if truth was found, to solidify a defense. Who know’s what lies ahead. These are but the bearings of a beautiful story yet to unfold.