Vague – 1

Long before the story of the Anarchostar would begin, mankind’s existence was not only threatened from the evil of their own species, but also from an unintended and artificial source as well.  The Technocratic government engineered special drones to keep the lower ranks of humanity in line and distracted from their true plan of re-locating away from the death engulfing their original home to a new home planet. 


Vague – 2

The drones manifested themselves into every aspect of daily life on the planet. Television, galactic web, radio transmissions, even the water supply were all infested with their influence and authority.

Vague – 3

Becoming hyper-aware of themselves, and the horrendous consequences to the environment that mankind’s existence had on the planet the drones set out on a mission to restore the planet back to its original form without humans. A war ensued between the drones and the technocrats. After a constant stalemate, an agreement was finally met.

Vague – 4

The drones would continue to perform their intended programming, and in exchange for their service the technocratic government would refrain from interfering with them as they departed the planet.

Vague – 5

Once the last ship left the atmosphere the technocrats would allow the drones to begin a mass extermination of all of humankind left on the planet.

Vague – 6

Terraforming began; restoring nature.